Digital Creative Director


I am a New York City based UX/UI and visual designer, currently working as a Creative Director at PVH Corp. My freelance design and consulting clients have ranged from Yamaha Motors and Birchbox to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. While currently working in fashion, I have experience in healthcare, tech and instructional design environments.


After 10+ years working in a variety of design roles, I feel at ease leading any stage of creative development, from initial concepting to last-minute testing. Visually I value a little depth as much as minimalism, and as a result, whether it's flat or 3D, I am comfortable working across the current spectrum of design.



A love for both problem solving and aesthetics led me to design, but I was a reader and music lover first. When not designing, I'm usually working my way through my reading list or searching for new music.


Feel free to reach out for links to my recent corporate work, my full résumé or just to say hello. You can also find me on the networks below.

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